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Information Privacy and Information Security

With the ubiquitous spread of information systems throughout most areas of our daily lives – spanning from government, to banking, health management, home automation, and mobile computing – meeting the challenges of information privacy and information security is the hot issue for various stakeholders around the globe. Moreover, with the proliferation of social media and mobile computing, addressing concerns over information privacy and information security has grown in importance and triggered public discussions at all levels. Today, the scale of information available to information system providers is unprecedented. Millions of users make, for instance, their personal information readily available on social media platforms. In addition, increasing use of smartphones spurs the growth of mobile applications allowing also for location-based capture of user behavior. Especially users with low internet literacy (eg, children, seniors) are at risk for the emerging and manifesting threats.
This track seeks contributions that address the prevalent challenges of information privacy and information security. We especially encourage submissions (full research papers, prototype papers, student papers) focused on the social web and mobile computing across a variety of industries (eg, health, social, finance, location-based services). All methodological approaches are welcome in this track, including, but not limited to design science research, experiments, qualitative and quantitative research, case studies, as well as conceptual papers.

Potential topics

  • Information privacy perceptions and behaviour
  • Advances in usable information privacy and information security
  • Intercultural and gender perspectives on information privacy and information security
  • The privacy-related attitude-behaviour gap
  • Assessing the value of information privacy for various stakeholders
  • Behavioural economics of information security and information privacy
  • Design, development, and evaluation of privacy-enhancing technologies
  • Employee security policy compliance
  • Cybercrime and security threats/violations
  • Information security audit and control
  • Legal and social aspects of information security and information privacy
  • Cyber bullying and cyber mobbing

Track Chairs

Prof. Dr. Ali Sunyaev
Universität Kassel
Prof. Dr. Hanna Krasnova
Universität Potsdam

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Associate Editors

Christine Bauer
Tatiana Ermakova
Ben Fabian
Kathrin Figl
Daniel Fischer, TU Ilmenau
Bogdan Franczyk, Universität Leipzig / WIFA
Henner Gimpel , Universität Augsburg, Fraunhofer FIT
Jens Grossklags
Irina Heimbach
Dominik Herrmann
Doğan Kesdoğan
Mathias Klier
Bart Knijnenburg
Günter Müller
Peter Niemeyer, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
Mario Silic
Sarah Spiekermann
Helena Wenninger
Thomas Wöhner, MLU Halle-Wittenberg, Lehrstuhl für E-Business

Track 8 - Session 1

Informationsprivatheit und Informationssicherheit / Information Privacy and Information Security

13.02.2017, 15:30-17:00, Raum: 01-107

Session Chair: Hanna Krasnova

Claus-Georg Nolte; Jonas Schwarz; Christian Zimmermann: Social Network Services: Competition and Privacy

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Dominikus Kleindienst; Niclas Nüske; Daniel Rau; Fabian Schmied: Beyond Mere Compliance — Delighting Customers by Implementing Data Privacy Measures?

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Christoph Buck; Florian Stadler; Kristin Suckau; Torsten Eymann: Privacy as a Part of the Preference Structure of Users App Buying Decision

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Track 8 - Session 2

14.02.2017, 15:30-17:00, Raum: 01-111

Session Chair: Ali Sunyaev

Clemens Sauerwein; Christian Sillaber; Andrea Mussmann; Ruth Breu: Threat Intelligence Sharing Platforms: An Exploratory Study of Software Vendors and Research Perspectives

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Michael Lang; Manuel Wiesche; Helmut Krcmar: Conceptualization of Relational Assurance Mechanisms - A Literature Review on Relational Assurance Mechanisms, Their Antecedents and Effects

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Andreas Josef Rieb; Marko Hofmann; Alexander Laux; Steffi Rudel; Ulrike Lechner: Wie IT-Security Matchplays als Awarenessmaßnahme die IT-Sicherheit verbessern können

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