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Your Host


As the host, the Institute of Information Management welcomes you to the WI 2017! The organization of the conference is a highlight of the more than 25-year-old history of the institute.

The IWI-HSG has been existing since 1989 and is managed as an independent business. It is personnel-wise and financially connected with the University of St.Gallen and is largely financed by itself with private research contracts. The postgraduate study program Executive Master of Business Engineering (EMBE HSG) is affiliated to the IWI-HSG, but also managed independently.

The IWI-HSG consists of the five chairs of professors Andrea Back, Walter Brenner, Reinhard Jung, Jan Marco Leimeister and Robert Winter, who also build the administration of the IWI-HSG together.

Research work is carried out in the context of competence centers. One tenured professor always has the overall responsibility for the consortia projects with four up to eighteen participating international partner companies. The projects are managed by graduated associates (assistance professors). Doctoral candidates are research assistants. The new research program of the IWI-HSG builds upon the successful preceding research program Business Engineering. Hence, the core of the former Business Engineering model build the core of the new model, the St.Gallen House of Digital Business.

A research council, as link to corporate practice, influences the scientific principles and the orientation of the research contents of the IWI-HSG. Experienced managers from the IT environment of large companies belong to the research council.

Regarding teaching, the IWI-HSG offers courses at Bachelor, Master, and doctorate level. Moreover, Bachelor, Master, and doctoral theses can be written at the IWI-HSG. Doctoral candidates at the Institute of Information Management (IWI-HSG) usually attend the professional program Business Innovation of the doctoral program in business administration. The many years of experience in research and practice are used for an exciting, profound, and customer-oriented range of advanced training opportunities at the IWI-HSG. The program includes a wide range of differently extensive courses, with the postgraduate program Executive Master of Business Engineering (EMBE HSG) leading the way.
Currently, the institute is located as a temporary measure at Unterer Graben 21. In January 2017, it will return to its fully renewed rooms at its former site at Müller-Friedbergstrasse 8.

The annual reports offer a good view into the diverse activities of the IWI-HSG.